How to Become a Member

So you are thinking you would like to do some 4wding and want to join the club. People join 4wd clubs for many reasons, to learn how to 4wd, find places to go 4wding, go 4wding with likeminded people or to see parts of the country you can only see with a 4wd. There is no wrong reason to join a 4wd club.

We encourage people who want to join the club to attend at least one meeting or trip or one of each so we can get to know each other and ensure we are on the same page. This works well and allows prospective members a chance to see if we are what they are looking for. Meetings are advertised on the website homepage and as events on the club’s Facebook page. Trips are listed on the website, for more information please email the club for details and to let us know you would like to tag along.

Once you decide to join the club, you need to fill out an application form. We have copies of these on trips and at meetings or you can email the club ( and we will send you a copy. Our fees are a one off $10 joining fee and a $55 membership (Total $65) which is worked out pro-rata depending what time of the financial year you decide to join. Membership is renewed each year and is due from 1st July and must be paid by end of the August Meeting for that financial year. Annual membership is $55.

When you join and become a member of the Bundaberg 4wd Club you also become part of the Queensland and Australian 4wd Associations. These associations work hard for us to ensure we can continue to enjoy our recreation both safely and without restrictions (where possible). This includes running driver training, events to promote 4wding communities in a positive way like cleaning up Fraser Island and Australia events. They also work with government and industry representatives to help ensure just laws are made that ensure 4wding is safe and accessible for all.

We look forward to seeing you on trips and becoming part of the Bundaberg 4wd Club family.

2022 03 22 Membership Form 2022.pdf